Contour Ditch Boom
For Small Waterways and Ditches

Item #EDB24-5

The Ultimate Tool for Rapid Deployment

Contour Ditch Boom deployed in the city to filter water from washing sidewalks.

In Ditches and Small Waterways —

  • Recover Released Oils
  • Filter Sediments
  • Remove Oil Sheen

The Contour Ditch Boom is designed to hug the bottom, following the uneven contours, in ditches and small waterways where their shape makes it difficult to access and remove oils, oil sheen, and oil-borne contaminants. The flotation rides on the surface of the water, forcing the water to flow through the ADsorb-it Fabric curtain, trapping the oils, oil sheen, and oil-borne contaminants in the fabric matrix.

The Contour Ditch Boom has a chain ballast permanently attached in a chain gallery in the lower extreme of a 24 inch tall, 5 foot wide single-ply Adsorb-it® Fabric curtain.

The ADsorb-it® Filtration Fabric provides approximately 100 micron filtration, thus the Contour Ditch Boom will act to reduce silt levels in the flowing waters.

Contour Ditch Boom detailThe upper portion of the Contour Ditch Boom consists of a boom gallery with a 3 inch polypropylene boom permanently installed for flotation.

An 11 foot polypropylene rope is sewn in directly below the boom gallery, and extends 3 feet beyond each end to allow attachment of the Contour Ditch Boom to stakes or other retaining media.

The Contour Ditch Boom was designed for quick delployment in small waterways and ditches where an oil release has occured or where ongoing oil sheen is an issue.

Contour Ditch Boom Specs

Contour Ditch Boom

You can feel confident that the Contour Ditch Boom deployed in an aqueous environment for an extended period of time will not deteriorate from exposure to the sun or the elements.

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