Filter Socks / Dewatering Bags
Filter oil, oil sheen and suspended solids from water!

Our standard socks are made from a double layer of ADsorb-it® Filtration Fabric.

SFS3-30 Filter Sock removes oil and grease and suspended solids from water
3" diameter, 30" long
Item #SFS3-30
5" diameter, 5' long Item #SFS5-57
SFS8-10 Filter Sock removes oil and grease and suspended solids from water
8" diameter, 5' long
Item #SFS8-5
Item #SFS8-5SL (Single Layer Fabric)
8" diameter, 10' long Item #SFS8-10

Filter Sock built to take the pressure

Filter Socks: Built to take the pressure!

Oil filter sock filled with sediment

10' sock filled with sediment
Item #SFS8-10, our 8"dia. x 10' long filter sock, will hold up to 3.5 cu.ft. of sediment.

5' filter sock over catch basin draining filtered water directly into the environment

Item #SFS8-5 our 8"dia. x 5' long filter sock
Ranging from 3" dia. by 30" long, to 8" dia. by 10' long, our sturdy Filter Socks will remove suspended solids between 100 to 140 micron while filtering out oil, oil sheen, and oil-borne contaminants.

5' filter sock used to pump out an underground excavation

5' sock being used to pump out an underground excavation.
Our Filter Socks can be cleaned and reused.

Recycle - Reuse

ADsorb-it Filter Socks, once they have become saturated with oil, can be centrifuged or passed through a wringer to recover the oils, and the filter socks reused. Recovered oils can then be re-processes, reused, or recycled. Filter Socks can also be sent to a commercial laundry to be returned to a like-new condition.

"Three years of use
and still going strong!"

This mid-size Filter Sock, the SFS5-57 pictured at right, has been in continual use for three years. A wringer system is used to recover the oils, and the sock reused.

Oil filter sock reused for 3 year with wringer system set up

Vault Maintenance System Filter Socks: "The Future of Vault Dewatering"

Vault Maintenance System VMS The future of vault dewatering VMS Filter Socks filter out oil, oil sheen, oil-borne contaminants, and suspended solids as fine as rust! Configured as a portable, easy-to-use multi-layered filter sock. Filters below regulatory guidelines for TSS and Oil & Grease.

TSS Removal 99.4%, Oil & Grease Non-Detect
more information about VMS Filter Socks

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