Remove Oil, Oil Sheen and Oil-Borne Contaminants
in Catch Basins, Sumps, and Bilges

Item #EMS24-30

Mini-Surfer remove oil and sheen from small areasA versatile product for removing oils and sheen- Fats, Oils, and Greases (FOG) in small areas.  The Mini-Surfer is 24" wide and 15" high.  It has grommets at both sides under the removable 5" flotation boom so multiple units may be interconnected. The recovered oils may be recycled and the Mini-Surfer laundered and reused indefinitely.

The Mini-Surfer is available in a 24" wide double-layer curtain with a 5" diameter flotation boom. The curtain below the boom is approximately 6" deep. The flotation boom at the top, made from polypropylene, allows the Mini-Surfer to float at the water's surface to adsorb the oils, oil sheen, and oil-borne contaminants.

Mini-Surfer flotation boomRemovable Flotation Allows Oil Recovery

A Velcro opening makes it easy to remove and replace the boom.  The oils may be recovered by physical means - wringer or centrifuge, and recycled.  The Mini-Surfer can then be laundered and reused indefinitely.

An Environmentally Compatible Product that is disposable as fuel through waste-to-energy incineration.


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