ADsorb-it Wipes
Reusable Wipes for Removing Oil, Oil Sheen and Oil-Borne Contaminants

Item #AF1515-50

Mini-Surfer remove oil and sheen from small areasA reusable wipe 15" square for removing oil and oil sheen. An Environmentally Compatible product made from 100% waste fibers.  Adsorbs oils and oil-borne contaminants.  Removes oil sheen and Fats, Oils, & Greases (FOG) from water.  Recover and recycle oils, then launder and reuse indefinitely.  Disposable as fuel through waste-to-energy incineration.


Mini-Surfer flotation boomThe ADsorb-it Wipes come
in packs of  50 units each

These wipes have shown to be a real money-saver as compared to the disposable wipes that you use once and throw away.

An Environmentally Compatible Product that is disposable as fuel through waste-to-energy incineration.


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