US Navy Uses ADsorb-it®

US Naval Supply Systems Command LogoThe US Navy used ADsorb-it® as the final water polish in their Oil/Water Separator and as shoreline protection for the waters of Little Clam Bay.

US Navy Oil Water Separator filter pack water polish

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Letter from the Environmental Director. US Navy

Fuel Depot Wins Environmental Award using Adsorb-it Products
The Manchester Fuel Department (MFD) of the Fleet and Industrial Supply Center Puget Sound (FISCPS) is the largest CONUS underground fuel storage facility, storing product in 44 bulk fuel tanks (33 Underground Storage Tanks and 11 Aboveground Storage Tanks) on 234 acres.
US Navy Manchester Fuel Dept. wins environmental award "We continually develop facilities to prevent releases to the surrounding environment. During fiscal years 2005/2006, we developed an innovative protocol for determining where potential fuel leaks could originate. The resulting treatment system incorporated an innovative cloth filter and separator system that reduces the velocity of incoming storm water and allows more complete treatment when used in conjunction with the existing oil water separators."
FY 2006 Chief of Naval Operations Environmental Award
Environmental Quality-Industrial Installation FISC Puget Sound,
Manchester Fuel Department

ADsorb-it fabric on the shoreline of Little Clam Bay, an ecologically sensitive area, at the Navy's Manchester Fuel Depot on Puget Sound where their Oil/Water separator discharges into the water.
Adsorb-it Filtration Fabric shoreline protection Little Clam Bay